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Picture this. A frizzy haired girl circa 2005, mediocre sense of style, even less sense of self, with a vague idea of what her future will look like, sitting backwards on a white wicker chair with arms crossed and face twitching from trying to hold a smile that doesn’t feel natural. Click. Ugh. Still feel for that girl everytime I look at her senior photos. That girl? It me.

Fast forward to present day. The youth have become a force to be reckoned with. With more freedom to embrace their true passions, question the status quo, and quite honestly so much cooler than I ever was…

I knew before I did my first official senior session it had to be more than just an obligatory milestone for young adults. It had to be about personality, their personality. Youth is the future right? So how foolish would it be to smother everything that makes you, you? Even your senior photos.

Sending off a questionnaire to my seniors just made sense. What drives your passion? What do you really want to do when you head out into the world? How would your peers describe you, more importantly how would you describe you?

I found just by asking these simple questions and making the effort to understand them as individuals, their sessions were all absolute magic.

I was inspired by every. single. one of them. Aspriring musicians, theatre actors, health care professionals. It makes me so confident that the future is in the best hands with colorful, ambitious young souls like this.

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Maggie is so down to earth and makes you feel beyond comfortable...

“Maggie is so down to earth & makes you feel beyond comfortable for your photos! Highly recommend and will continue to see her for all our family photos.”

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