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You’ve decided enough is enough with the uninspiring 9-5, you’re doing it.

You’re becoming an entrepreneur.

But wait, where the hell do you start?

I remember reaching out to a mentor before really leaping into the world of photography. I asked for honest opinions on all fronts, pricing, session offerings, websites, etc., and her response was refreshing. Reminding me that there are many others who will be doing the same thing I am and the biggest and best thing you can do to set yourself apart is embracing your own style and don’t freaking stray from it.

I now find that to be the most vital pieces of advice I’ve ever received and offer it up to anyone considering to step out into the light with their own passion.

So, when a dear friend reached out with a notion of starting up a holistic apothecary + goods business – Folk Elements – along with another amazing woman, I was buzzing thinking about how to help them tell their story and show their own style.

We talked through the products and how they wanted their tribe (target audience in boring terms) to feel when they saw what they offered in person or came across it online.

Earthy. Holistic. Raw. Healing. Handmade…..such yummy words.

Why is it so important to know your brand and how it will come across to others?

Because it tells a story, your story. It’s a story that will grow an audience when it’s honest and serves them with the dose of authenticity and curated goods, services, whatever it is that they need in a world of big box stores.

It is truly amazing to work alongside budding or even well established entrepreneurs to help shape how they want to offer their passion to the world through images that tell a story. Their story. Their brand.

Give these girls and what they have to offer a look, their love for what they do and offer flows throughout Folk Elements.

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Maggie is so down to earth and makes you feel beyond comfortable...

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