Indian Ceremony + American Black Tie. My first wedding(s).

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I hadn’t been doing photography professionally that long, perhaps a year. I had several weddings on the books for the summer which I was already a ball of nerves and excitement for.

In comes a request from a friend of a friend who I had worked with many times before (love you Nu). She was hoping I could cover their impromptu wedding which was not only in a few short weeks but also going to be both an Indian + American ceremony.


The typical, doubt-filled questions racked my brain; Am I ready for this? Will I do a good enough job? What if they think I’m weird? Then the one thing happens that always happens, I told my doubts to eat it and took on the wedding.

I am admittedly not a very cultured individual. So not knowing what to expect and making sure I gave the Indian ceremony the respect it was due consumed me. Showing up at Taylor + Bobby’s house, oh my, it was dripping with Marigolds on strings, ceremonial items were strewn about, the priest was offering blessings throughout the home, it was intoxicating. The tradition, the auro, the jewelry, the colorsssss. I was obsessed with it all.

As soon as I started hitting the shutter, I was in my element. I already knew I’d be going through thousands of images when I got home and I could.not.wait. The ceremony was beautiful and full of tradition. I may not have understood it all, but I felt so honored to be there capturing it.

To this day I feel a great deal of emotion looking through these beautiful images. I am certain if I ever got an office space more than a few of these would be a part of my wall gallery of work.

Let’s fast forward a few hours and the day blended seamlessly into a black tie wedding with outfit changes worthy of the Grammy’s. I mean at this point I was feeling like a celebrity photographer with every intention of traveling overseas to capture the next royal wedding.

Kiddingggg. A girl can dream.

The whole day had a wonderful, laid back atmosphere and you would have never known how quickly the day and all of it’s delicious details were put together.

If there was any advice to future brides and grooms it is that you’re creating a day together to celebrate saying yes to forever and you can do it with as much tradition, glamour, intimacy, and uniqueness that speaks to your connection and will ring true for those there to witness it.

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